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collage2AJAX is often known for its ability to seamlessly load content, design, and functionality without needing to wait for repetitive page loads.  Rather than waiting for the server to return a response every time your visitors click on your page, AJAX allows you to do such things as simply pre-loading content while making additional server requests in the background, without recreating the entire Web page every time the user clicks a link.  This speed boost can be very useful in applications such as Google Maps, but it does have its downfalls.  For example, navigation links created using AJAX are often not bookmarkable, not everyone has JavaScript enabled on their browsers (this is especially true for today's portable devices), and AJAX developers typically have a hard time making their Web sites accessible to those users who rely on screen readers for their browsing pleasure.

Knowing the importance of making Web sites viewable by as many different people and Web browsers as possible, it can be easy to get confused as to the best practices regarding Web site design and implementation, especially where accessibility is concerned.  This Web site will attempt to offer you some advice on the subject, complete with multiple real world tutorials, and a comprehensive resources section with references for further reading.